My leg hurts so badly, I can hardly even make it to the bathroom let alone meet you downtown. Let alone is similar to saying “not to mention,” meaning the second part of the sentence is very unlikely to happen. Here’s another example: I don’t have enough time to finish all my work let alone waste my time finishing his.——Heather Pfeiffer
  我的腿受傷了,我甚至都不能走去浴室,更別提要趕到市中心見你。Let alone跟“not to mention別提了”意思相似,意思是句子中的第二部分幾乎不太可能會發生。另一個例子:我沒有足夠的時間去完成我手頭所有的工作,更別提浪費我的時間去幫助他完成他的任務。  (原標題:Let alone)


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